A unique approach to welfare...


Caring For Life is a welfare initiative of the Hare Krishna movement. As a not-for-profit charitable organisation it is completely reliant on the work of volunteers and the support of the community. Although our work is important for its practical contribution to social welfare, our holistic outlook on the problems of modern society, on nature and life itself, results in a unique approach to the whole cause of welfare.


Food relief

Basing their work on the principles of service to humanity and the spiritual equality of all people, Caring For Life volunteer workers dedicate their time to bringing relief to those in need.

Animal protection

Every living being is equal in a spiritual sense. Therefore all living beings, not just humans, should be given shelter and protection.

Environmental awareness

Caring For Life advocates a way of life based on the notion of sustainable living, of “simple living and high thinking”.

Life counselling

Through diet, exercise, spiritual practice and active communal support the individual discovers a renewed sense of self worth, meaning a purpose in their lives.

Spiritual upliftment

Through ancient practice of mantra meditation yogis are experiencing the spiritual upliftment that comes with self realisation and naturally enjoy sharing it with others.

Take Action

If you would like to volunteer at Caring for Life please click HERE. For financial support click HERE.