A unique approach to welfare

Caring for Life is a registered charity in Australia, our organisation is run by (supported) volunteers and we rely on the support of the community to continue our valuable aid and educational work.

Caring for Life is a welfare initiative of the Krishna consciousness movement that champions a holistic approach to welfare, food relief, animal protection, environmental awareness and spiritual upliftment. We aim to help humans, animals and our planet.

Food relief

Caring for Life is part of the largest vegetarian/vegan food distribution program in the world, ISKCON. Our volunteer workers provide wholesome food to all those who need it.

Animal protection

Every living being is equal in a spiritual sense. Therefore all living beings, not just humans, should be given shelter and protection.

Environmental awareness

Our ecosystem is also a living thing. Caring for Life advocates the notion of sustainable living, of “simple living and high thinking”.

Life counselling

We help individuals to discover a renewed sense of purpose and self-worth through diet, exercise, spiritual practice and active communal support.

Spiritual upliftment

We share our meditation techniques so that others may benefit from the peace and clarity they bring.

Take Action

Volunteer at Caring for Life. Give financial support.