Caring for life. All life.

Our mission is to care for life in all its forms, but how do we put this into action?

Of course we cannot directly take care of every living being on this planet – there are billions of them! We do support practical examples of farming communities and gardening projects where people can learn to take care of the environment and themselves more, but we are aiming to care for life on a much wider scale.

We can achieve this by educating people about the spiritual equality of all living beings. Even though we inhabit different material bodies and circumstances, we recognise that every living thing is sacred.

This kind of education  is lacking in the world. That's why we see so much abuse and harm to other living beings. In fact it's not just animals and humans that are being hurt, the environment is suffering too!

When we cultivate a spirit of protection, love and care towards any living thing, we find that our capacity for compassion increases even further. Love is an infinite resource after all.

And so, by planting that seed of compassion in people's minds, using our publications, teachings and practical actions we want to lead people in how to care for life. And that means all life!