Building communities through spiritual education

The Hare Krishna movement fosters positive, vibrant and supportive communities all around the world. In fifty years of service to humankind, this spiritual movement has established over 600 centres, farming projects, hundreds of restaurants and food programmes whilst also staging countless festivals and events.

Devotees of the Hare Krishna movement are well known for their kirtan, which is form of prayer based on call and response singing. Kirtan is often accompanied by dancing, which you may encounter on the streets of cities all across the world. This ancient practice of mantra meditation expresses the soulful pleasure that comes from self-realisation and spiritual upliftment.

Our Society has distributed more than a billion books and publications, which are based on the spiritual wisdom of India’s timeless yogic tradition. We seek to enlighten humanity through education, public events and festivals. We use the powers of mantra and kirtan to adjust the imbalances created in our modern, material lives.